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#NSMQ21: St. Louis kicks GSTS back to regional qualifiers alongside SAHUSS

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The contest between GSTS, St. Louis SHS and St. Hubert Minor Seminary SHS was a keenly contested one. It was a complete turnaround of events as GSTS unexpectedly was ruled out of the contest right from the 2nd round. The battle was then between St. Hubert and St. Louis from there onwards.

It became a “tensious” contest in the final round when St. Hubert came 12pts from behind to almost beat St. Louis in the final round. There was contention as St. Hubert claimed to have answered the last riddle on the first clue and thus should have been given 6pts which would have seen them surpass St. Louis to win the contest. However, the mistress rescinded to her decision to award them 4pts for answering on the second clue which saw them just a point away from St. Louis.

Congratulations to St. Louis SHS for progressing to the next stage of the competition. Better luck to St. Hubert next time. And this win means GSTS has lost their seeded slot and would have to start from the regional stages next year. Better luck to them next time.

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