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#NSMQ21; Newest Champions In Town, PREMPEH COLLEGE have made their 5th seal

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The final contest of the National Science and Maths Quiz 2021 was indeed a final contest. It featured Keta SHTS, Prempeh College and Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High. The contest begun on a very fiery and competitive start as PRESEC begun the round trailing throughout the period until the last 2-3 questions of the round, where in they came in from behind to win. The round 1 ended with one successive points each between the schools.

Round 2 was the speed race and this was where almost everybody was expecting to see some magic from Keta SHTS as this was termed their favorite round but it seemed as though things had turned around. Keta SHTS answered only one question in the round 2 of which they also still got it wrong. A fairly good round for PRESEC and Prempeh but PRESEC had the greater edge. In Round 3, the problem of the day was given as Prempeh was solving they mistakenly locked their screen and thus could not continue… After the whole saga, Prempeh was given just 15secs to try and complete what they couldn’t. And it paid off as the other 2 schools got 7 apiece and Prempeh had full 10marks.

Round 4 saw yet another impressive run for Prempeh as they completed the whole competition with a perfect round 4 throughout the whole competition 8/8.And this enabled Prempeh to lead by 1point.

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The last round being the riddles had tension in the auditorium as pressure as it was still open all schools. Prempeh rung for 2/4 questions, Keta got one and the last one was PRESEC also had one.

Congrats to Prempeh College as they move on to their 5th trophy ever. Better luck next time Keta and PRESEC

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