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#NSMQ21; KETASCO drives Mrs. OWASS back to wifely duties!

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The 4th Quarterfinal contest between Keta SHTS, St. Louis SHS and Ghana National College was another exciting contest as the previous to behold. Keta begun the round on a good note leading the schools but having St. Louis following closely in behind them. The way just ready for this and not going down without a fight.

Keta established the lead in the second round with some mind blowing tactics as they consistently managed to answer the speed race questions correctly even before the mistress ended the question. They with this strecthed the lead to a 15 points gap.

St. Louis though in the third round made an impressive 10/10 for the problem of the day question which is now 2 times in a row, doing it in the One-Eighth stage and the Quarter finals stage. They again earned the Prudential NSMQ Star Award for this contest.

Ketasco got the game done and dusted in the 4th round as they encrypted a 20pts gap with just one more round to go. This meant if there was any hope left for Louis, they had to answer correctly all the 4 riddles on the first clue, an impossible task it was.

The contest ended with Ketasco grabbing a wholesome 68pts, just 2 points behind the highest points earned in this stage, which is by PRESEC – LEGON,70. A desertving win it was for Keta SHS.

Congrats to KETA SHS for this massive win and progressing to the next stage of the competition. Well done to St. Louis SHS as well as they indeed gave a very impressive performance. Hard luck to St. Louis and Ghana National College.

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