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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Man Loses 6K Paid Job For Commenting On Social Media That The Lesbian Deserved To Be Raped.

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Few days ago, a lesbian was allegedly kidnapped and raped for two days and social media has gone beserk after the news went viral.

The victim, Elladeeva revealed on Facebook how some four unscrupulous men kidnapped her and sexually abused her for two whole days.

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For some reason, instead of people sympathizing with her, they were happy about her predicament.

Some men even said the kidnappers were supposed to keep her for one week and raped her till she changed her sexuality.

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One young man who also agreed to this rediculous and treacherous acts has unfortunately faced a harsh consequences.

In a report sighted on Facebook, the young man lost a job that was paying him 6k a month over his comments.

Read full story below;

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