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List of all Ghana Languages

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Ghana is a multilingual country with over 80 ethnic languages spoken by people from various tribes. Yet, due to Ghana’s colonial history, English is the country’s official foreign language.

See the list of Ghana languages below.

List of all Ghana Languages


The Akan language comprises Fante, Asante Twi, and Akuapem Twi.


The Ewe language originated from the Volta-Niger area. Mainly spoken in Volta Region.


Dagombas in the Northern Region of Ghana speak Dagabani. It is also spoken in Burkina-Faso due to trading activities.


The Greater Accra region’s Ga-Dangme languages include Dangme. The Ga language is its sibling tongue.


This is the language you are likely to hear as soon as you land at the airport in Accra. This is the local language spoken by the people of Accra. It is part of the Ga-Adangme dialect which is spoken in South-eastern Ghana.


Nzema is part of the Bia dialect and one of the Ghana languages. It is spoken by the Nzema ethnic group. It has a few similarities with Akan.


This is a subset of the languages spoken in Ghana’s Northern Region. It is a dialect of the African languages Guang and Tano.


It belongs to the Gur language family in Africa. It is also spoken in Burkina Faso in the Upper East area.


This is the end of Georgeweb Ghana language list.

These are Ghana’s most widely spoken languages. You may hear individuals speak in a variety of languages, but these are the most likely to be encountered in Ghana.

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