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Your success depends on your mindset

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I never understood what the holy book meant by ‘As a man thinketh so he is” until I came to realize the power our mind has on who we become in life.   A person’s mindset is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape their thought habits. Success and failure depend on how we perceive ourselves.

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Your thought and mindset have an impact on who becomes in life. The most interesting thing is we have the power to determine what we think about. B.F. Skinner said, “Thoughts are behaviors we haven’t learned to observe yet.” These are the reasons we need to have a positive mindset about our self.

 A positive mindset helps in developing healthy self-esteem. It is an important tool that affects our daily self-dialogue and reinforces our most intimate beliefs, attitudes, and feelings about ourselves. It is important to become an architect of your mindset and plant seeds of positivity and inspiration rather than criticism and doubt that will help build high self-esteem yourself. For instance; if you think you are stupid then you will be stupid. However, if you think you best and you deserve the best trust this will manifest in your life.

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It is important to have a positive mindset because it will help you in the face of adversity. “The moment that we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability, we will be brittle in the face of adversity “Josh Waitzkin – Chess Grandmaster and Martial Artist. Our capability to move through the fire, get knocked down, and not knocked out is a true testament to the power of a resilient mindset. This can only be done by feeding your mind with a good thought.

Nevertheless, without the proper mindset, you may not get that far in life. Therefore, make it a point to think of the best for yourself. Believe and act as if it was impossible to fail and that belief will create the reality for you.

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