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5 proven ways to make a man want you bad 2021.

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In today’s post, we’ll go over the modern 5 ultimate ways to make a man want you bad.

The relationship these days looks like gambling, is either you win or loose. It also looks like contracts, you sign and resigns when the contract is over.

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Both Ladies and gentlemen find it difficult to enter into a relationship. Your relationship will be able to stand well when these five measures are put in place. Remember any good soup takes what it has to use in preparing them.

How To Make A Man Want You Bad in 5 easy steps

Follow the 5 ultimate ways below on how to make a man you want bad.


For any relationship to be a successful one respect cannot be left out. As a lady, you have to respect your man regardless of his work, the family he lives in, age and Financials.

Respect not only your guy or man but his entire family as well, know how to say sorry, don’t be a type of girl that always find quotes that support her stupidity when she is wrong.

Be the type of girl that accept her fault when she is wrong. Let it be in your mind that ”sorry” has saves billions of relationships all over the world and it can saves yours too.


Be the kind of lady that share ideas when it comes to decision making, support your man in everything he does, give them any support you can afford for cause the right bath’s the left and the left bath’s the right.

Help your man in whatever he does and it will attract his attention on you and blessings as well.

Less dependant

Most at times ladies want their man to do everything for them and bear all the responsibilities in the house, forgetting their guys also have mothers and family they need to take care of them.

Be the type of lady that uses her own money for transport charges to her guy’s house and turn back without asking money from her guy.

You can also sometimes supprise him by buying something little like singlets and maybe boxer shorts for to know that you also care about him. Do him supprise as you want him to do to you.


Let your man knows everything about you, give him much attention, don’t be a kind of lady that saves her guy’s name as (” Gari, shitor, new number, uncle Ebo”) and soo on.

Some of the girls today even bath with their phone, places locks all over their apps, all in the name of “l don’t want my guy to read my what’s app chat” but remember doing this can collapse your relationship. Be loyal to your guy and he will be loyal to you too.


Love your guy for who he is, give him much attention he can never get anywhere, you know all boys want a lady that care about them, doing soo helps you gain his trust in you.

Don’t be a type of girl who is always greedy on money than than love let it be in your mind that love conquers all. Love your man and the love itself will encourage him in everything.

Stay tune to whoever you are, don’t be a type of girl who jumps from one guy to the other in the name of money.

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