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How to Exchange your valuables for money in Ghana 2021

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Human needs can never be satisfied. Everything looks flashy at first sight and if there is a means we go on to purchase these valuables. Somehow, as we grow our valuables turn to loose values in our sight, and what do we do? Trash them? Here is how to cash out on your valuables you don’t need anymore with CASH GHANA.

Steps to cash out on your valuables with CASH GHANA.

1: Choose an item to pawn.

Begin by pawning an appropriate object that you are the legal owner of. CashGhana will give you the option of purchasing your item or borrowing money based on its value.

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2: Pay a visit to our office

Bring the item to the CashGhana located at Zongo Junction Madina, Accra, where you’ll be asked to display a state-issued ID card or a valid driver’s license. CashGhana will assess your item and inform you of the amount they will pay or loan you. This sounds good to hear.

3: Your Bio-metric data

In jurisdictions where it is needed, you must submit a fingerprint. Your fingerprint is normally put on the selling or pawn agreement at CashGhana. This will enable the company to track you should you take a loan.

4: Sign The Contract

This part is very vital in case you are want to borrow and later come back for your item when you get the money. The pawn agreement type and the pawn ticket must both be signed. Keep the pawn ticket in a safe place because you can use it to show your ownership and get your property back.

NB: You must return to CashGhana and pay interest by the due date if you borrowed cash for your object. You will lose your item if you do not do so.

Call for further information on your items before you proceed. Stay safe on the internet

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