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Top 15 Japanese Soaking Tubs

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Japanese Soaking Tubs

Japan is renowned for its strong sense of tradition, and the bathing ritual is practically sacrosanct. You clean yourself in a shower or seated hand bath before soaking in the Ofuro tub, which is composed of all-natural materials and filled with clean, steaming water.

Originally, the ofuro was a deep soaking tub constructed of hinoki wood that was at least 27 inches deep. Those tubs are now made of a variety of materials, including steel, concrete, and several types of wood.

You’ll discover some serene moments in your own private relaxing zone, regardless of the style or materials you choose for your soaking tub.

Let’s take a look at 15 stunning Japanese soaking tubs that will make your home more tranquil and your baths more memorable.

Copper Circular Japanese Whirlpool Bath

Japanese Soaking Tubs

True Ofuro Mini

Natural Stone Bath

Black Marble Diamond Tub

Freestanding Stone Bathtub

Custom Made Wooden Tub

Agape UFO Bath

Black Round Freestanding Tub

Copper Clawfoot Tub

Velletri Copper Tub

Stainless Steel Soaking Tub

White Oval Acrylic Tub

Wooden Tub with a Rustic Twist

Deep Square Tub

Octagon Extra Deep Tub

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