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Social media increasingly used to spread fake news in Ghana – Afrobarometer

A recent survey conducted from September to October 2019 by Afrobarometer in Ghana indicates that social media is turning out to be the common source of local news for Ghanaians.

According to the survey, radio and television are still the leading news source in the country but daily news checked via social media (by 22% of Ghanaians) and the Internet (19%) is constantly increasing.

It found out that about 92% of Ghanaians who have heard of social media think it’s usage inform people of current happenings, almost as 86% say it makes more people likely to believe fake news.

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According to Afrobaromatere “Every eight in 10 Ghanaians (78%) say politicians and political parties spread information that they know is false. But smaller majorities also blame government officials, journalists, social media users, and activists and interest groups.

“One-third (32%) of Ghanaians support government regulation of access to the Internet and social media, but close to half (48%) prefer unrestricted access,” Afrobarometer added.

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Also “large majorities of Ghanaians “agree” or “strongly agree” that the government should be able to slow or ban the sharing of false news (77%), hate speech (69%), and news and opinions that criticize or insult the president (57%)”.

Close to half (48%) also are of the view that the government should be able to curb the spread of information it disapproves of.

Source: Georgeweb.org


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