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How to retrieve money sent to a wrong MTN momo number

MTN MoMo is one of the effortless ways to send money via your mobile phone. It has its flaws; wrongful transfer of cash to a different momo account.

MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) is a safe electronic service that enables MTN Mobile Money customers to store cash, send and receive money, make payments, and do several other transactions just using their mobile phone.

There are ways one can recover wrongful transactions when using MTN Mobile Money. One of the ways is reporting the issue to the nearest MTN Customer Care Center or trying a person-to-person reversal method.

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Reporting to MTN Customer Care Center

When you realized that you have a made a wrong transaction kindly contact the MTN Customer Care Center for reversal of the transaction using the following steps:

  1. Call the MTN customer care number 100 within 15 days of the event.
  2. Specify your preferred language i.e English, Ga, Twi, or Ewe.
  3. Choose Mobile Money (Momo).
  4. Select wrong Mobile Money (Momo) transaction.
  5. Select “Speak to an Agent”.
  6. Discuss the issue with the agent for assistance.
  7. Disclose the account you were trying to send the money to.
  8. Also, disclose the wrongly sent recipient account.
  9. Mention the amount involved.
  10. MTN would investigate the situation and send a reversal message to the person within 30 days or less.

After the person’s approval, you will instantly receive your money.

Peer to Peer reversal

If you find dealing with customer care difficult, you may want to try the peer-to-peer reversal method.

This method is based on uncertainty and luck as you may call it. And how well you are good at convincing people.

  1. Identify the MoMo number you wrongly transferred the money to via your MoMo transaction message.
  2. Call the person to notify him or her about the wrong transaction, how much you sent, and the MoMo number used in sending. Be calm and precise when dealing with the person to avoid suspicions of fraudulent activities which shouldn’t be so.
  3. Ask him or her to check their MoMo account balance to confirm if the money has been reflected.
  4. Once he or she confirms the reflection, kindly tell him or her to send the money back. You can even give tip-offs for working together with you.
  5. If done appropriately, the recipient will send you the money if and only if their account has been wrongly credited with your money.

Communication is key when retrieving your money back so try to relax and stay calm when interacting with either the customer care center or peer-to-peer.


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