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How MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters Steal/Hack Your Money

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MTN Mobile Money has become popular among Ghanaians in recent years and it’s still one of the trusted ways to send and receive money. This has also given way to fraudsters and scammers to steal money from mobile money subscribers using tricks and deceit. This situation is becoming rampant with people complaining how tricksters and scammers are stealing from them.

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In this article we will highlight some of these tricks and how can notice when you are being scammed so you don’t fall into their trap.

Here are tricks MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters use to steal/hack your money

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Intentionally sending you message that your Mobile Money account is locked

You will receive a text from a random number claiming your account has been blocked and within minutes you will receive a call from the same people.

The trick is that, they will pretend to be a mobile money merchant and mistakenly sent money to your account and he/she being afraid they have reported the issue to have your account block so that you wouldn’t be able to withdraw the money. He will ask you to confirm if you have receive any message, and surely you have seen such message so you will be able to confirm. He will then ask you to hold on and call a customer care service for them to unblock your number.

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You will hear the fraudster acting like he is calling customer care service to have the issue resolved. Someone will pick up the call acting like an agent working in the mobile money office. The fraudster will narrate the whole situation to this agent who is pretending to work in the customer care service office. The agent will tell you to follow some steps to unblock your account, if you follow these steps, they will be able to gain access to your account and steal your money without you noticing.

Send you a spammy message

You will receive a text message that your number have been selected as a lucky number in a promotion. They will give you a number to call to claim your gift, if you don’t call, they will call you to follow a certain procedure. He will tell you to dial some short codes, please if you don’t hang up the call and stop following the procedure, he will gain access to your mobile money account.

Receiving a fake call

You will receive a call claiming your child has been admitted to the hospital and needs blood urgently. If they see they have your full attention they will pretend to give the phone to the doctor. The supposed doctor will tell you to send a certain amount of money urgently to buy blood for your child. This what you should do if you receive such call:

Your child might not be with you at the supposed moment, hang up the call and call your child if the child is okay. The child might in school so you can call the school to check up on the child if the child is safe. Then call the mobile money customer care service and report the number.

Beware of these fraudsters so you don’t be the next victim.

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