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Expensive watch brands in the world for 2022

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The wristwatch started in the late 16th century, when the first watches were made. Since then, we’ve gone a long way. Watches have progressed a lot in terms of design, features, and functioning principles over time.

Expensive watches are no longer merely for telling the time. They’re more akin to utilitarian jewelry that wealthy individuals buy as a hobby and investment.

Expensive watch brands
Patek Philippe

But what makes these watches so expensive to buy?

  • Apparently advanced engineering assembled into teeny-tiny cases.
  • Expensive materials are used, such as hand-cut diamonds, valuable metals, and meteorite pieces.
  • Celebrities’ or long-dead people’s unique pieces (collectibles).

We’ve compiled a list of the world’s fourteen most expensive watch brands in the world. These brands are distinguished as premium watchmakers by their near-perfect craftsmanship, exceptional aesthetic sensitivity, and zeal for pushing limits.

Rolex watches

Lists of Expensive watch brands in the world for 2022

No. Watch Brand
1.Patek Philippe
3.Vacheron Constantin 
5.A. Lange & Söhne
9.Audemars Piguet 
10.International Watch Company 
11.Ulysse Nardin 
14.TAG Heuer

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