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Don’t Kill Yourself Having S3x For Long Hours, 5 Minutes Is Enough – Expert Tells Men

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For the guys who are driven by ego and confidence to impress their partners underlined by stereotypes, a Ghanaian medical practitioner has a simple message for you.

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His name is Effa Bafo Gyamfi and he says every reasonable s3x, within which all the fun and climax can be attained, should not go beyond 5 minutes.
Mr. Gyamfi raised salient points during the health-themed discussion while being interviewed to share his expertise on Kantanka TV.

Effa Bafo Gyamfi (Ghanaian Medical Practitioner)

He rightly pointed out that people mistakenly use what they see in p0n0graphic movies as the foundation for their own s3x life which is absolutely wrong.

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He stressed that these actors in p0rn movies take medicines and other enhancements meant to prolong the act to buttress the theme of the movie.

Source: Yen News (Facebook)

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