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A/R: Chief allegedly orders for school to be demolished for his palace at Adumasa

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Kindergarten children at Adumasa in the Ashanti Region have been left stranded with no space to learn after a chief allegedly ordered the demolition of their school building to construct his palace.

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After a rainstorm ripped off the roof of the Adumasa R/C Primary School, the authorities were compelled to build a temporary structure to house the children.

But when the pupils returned from midterm, the structure had been demolished, thereby, forcing management to suspend classes.

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Parents have been frustrated about the situation and worry that the wards will lag behind in their academic work.

“About a week ago, some men started demolishing the structure, they claim it was the directive of the chief. I was very troubled when I heard this because the kids will have no place to study,” one parent complained.

Head of the Bretuo Clan of Adumasa, Nana Gyekye Amponsah who led the demolition claims he acted under instructions of the chief.

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“The community contributed to build a place for the kids when their numbers increased. Recently, the chief informed me that the roof has been ripped off and he has informed the district assembly who has given him the nod to demolish the structure because of developed cracks.

“So the chiefs paid the carpenters, I only took care of the materials,” Nana Amponsah told Joy News.

Although the Chief of Adumasa, Nana Yaw Oppong admitted that he has plans to use the land to build, he has denied the allegation that he instructed for the school to be demolished.

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