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3 ways to report MTN Mobile Money Fraudsters in Ghana

MTN mobile money fraud cases is speedily on the rise in the country. The need to report such cases is a must now not a choice. It’s prudent for members of the general public to understand the various to report such cases without faltering.

We will look at three reliable ways you can report such cases in this article.

  • Send an SMS to 1515

1515 is like an emergency code for MTN Mobile Money. You typed what transpired and add the number that scammed you as well as the date and time of the incident. If there is money involved, state the amount as well. Please send an SMS as soon as you realized you have fallen victim.

  • Call MTN Care Center
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Call the MTN Care Center on 100 and report the issue immediately for a duly action to be taken. Remember to keep this information close as the agent will ask for these information:

  1. Your mobile money number
  2. Your name
  3. The number responsible for the fraud
  4. The time and date of the incident

Be specific and straight to the point to enhance easier communication..

  • Visit Any MTN Customer Care Office

Visit any MTN customer care office close to you to report the issue. Show them the messages you received and any transaction you made to the suspected fraudster. You will be asked to provided information about your mobile money account.


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