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Learnrite Mobile App: How to LEARN Physics, Chemistry, and Maths on your phone

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LearnRite is a registered company headquartered in Accra, Ghana with the aim of providing accessible education to all young people in Africa, especially young African woman.

In this article, we’ll show you how to download the Learnrite mobile app and have instant access to endless educational resources. Learnrite gives you access to physics, chemistry, biology, and maths practicals from the greatest tutors in the country.

Learnrite Youtube Channel

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LearnRite  can be accessed directly via here

How to download the learnrite mobile app 

The learnrite mobile app is not currently accessible on Google Play or Apple, but it is available on some APK Installer Sites.

Step 1: Please click here to get the mobile app. After you’ve downloaded the app, follow the instructions below to install it.

Step 2: Go to the file manager and locate the downloads folder

Step 3: Tap on the APK File in the file manager

Step 4: Select the Learnrite Apk File to install the app on your mobile device

Step 5: Grant the Learn Apk file to begin the installation process

Step 6: Lauch the newly installed Learnrite Mobile App

Step 7: Select your Subject of choice and Video of choice to begin learning

Step 8: Enter your Learnrite ID

Source: Georgeweb.org

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