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‘I Swear I Won’t Take It’- Lady Refuses To Take Abortion Pills Boyfriend Bought For Her, Asks Him To Use Spoon To Scoop His Sperms From Her (Watch Video)

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In the short but interesting video, a lady is seen in a heated confrontation with her boyfriend who had apparently impregnated her and trying to induce an abortion.

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The furious lady did not want to compromise and insisted she won’t take the abortion pills her man brought. She further asked him to use a spoon to scoop the sperms from her if indeed she doesn’t want to carry the pregnancy.

This incensed the guy who pressed further that he will make the girl abort the pregnancy, leading to a brief scuffle as he captured the moment on camera.

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She obviously wasn’t happy he ejaculated inside her in the first place and asked him severally whether he came inside her which he initially denied until he saw him with the medicine.

“I swear mennom” 😂😂

Source: ghbase

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