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How To Perform DNA Test In Ghana

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At GeorgeWeb.Org, we get this type of question every day. “How to perform DNA test in Ghana?” That’s why we have come to explain everything you need to know about DNA tests in Ghana and the costs involved. Yes! It will cost you some money before performing a legal DNA test in Ghana.

A DNA test is an important aspect of our lives, so I will advise you to grab a coffee and sit somewhere quietly as you read on to learn how to perform a DNA test in Ghana.

What Is DNA Paternity Test?

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DNA is an acronym for Deoxyribonucleic acid. And it is the genetic material you inherit from your mother and father. If we say paternity, it means fatherhood.

Therefore, a DNA paternity test uses a test swab to determine whether a man is the child’s biological father. DNA paternity tests are the most reliable source that shows that a man is the child’s biological father.

When performing a DNA test in Ghana, one thing to know is that a biological child shares 50% of their DNA with the biological mother and 50% with the biological father.

So during a test swab, a DNA paternity test compares a DNA sample from an alleged father and a DNA sample from a child to determine whether the two individuals are likely to have or do not share a father/child biological relationship.

Remember that if the swabbing is not done by a professional or the absence of a medical professional, the results cannot be used as evidence in court.

Wherefore, it would be best if you took your alleged child to a DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) or invited a professional to your home when performing a DNA test.

Reasons Why Most People Perform DNA Test In Ghana

  • With DNA paternity testing, the parents will know if they are the child’s biological parents, and it helps solve legal cases.
  • Most doctors will order this type of testing to check or screen a potential newborn baby’s condition.
  • Most people perform DNA tests in Ghana for immigration purposes. When traveling with your child to other countries like the United States, the US embassy may ask you to provide DNA test results that prove you’re the child’s biological parent.

How Much Does DNA Paternity Test Cost In Ghana?

The cost of a DNA test in Ghana usually depends on the type of hospital or laboratory and the number of people included.

The average cost of a DNA paternity test in Ghana is between GHC 2,000 – GHC 4,000. 

The most expensive form of the test is the paternity test carried out in pregnancy by a process called chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis. These kinds of tests vary between GHC 5,000 – GHC 10,000.

Since a DNA test is one of the important parts of your life, you have to decide carefully before taking a step.

What You Will Need To Perform DNA Test In Ghana

All that’s needed to perform a DNA paternity test is a DNA sample from the possible father, child in question, and mother of the child (her participation is optional, but recommended).

After that, parents should provide the following documents:

  • A recent passport-sized photo.
  • Provide any of your National Identification Card (Ghana Card, Voter’s ID, Passport, Driver’s License)
  • Birth certificate of the alleged child.

How To Perform DNA Test In Ghana At The Lab

  • DNA for paternity tests comes from participants’ cheek cells, which is collected using a simple, painless swab.
  • Each participant is provided four swabs; each at a time, the tip of the swab is rubbed firmly on the insides of the cheeks to collect DNA. 
  • Swabs are then placed in paper envelopes; paper containers allow the organic material on the swabs to “breathe” and prevents mold contamination as they travel to the lab. If swabs seem a little too “wet,” wave them in the air for a few minutes to dry them a bit before putting them in the paper envelopes.
  • Most DNA labs may still use a blood sample for DNA in rare postnatal cases, but cheek swabs are now the norm.

What To Expect During DNA Test

During the DNA test, as mentioned earlier in this post, there MUST be a DNA medical professional who will serve as a neutral witness to prove the test’s legality and integrity.

In the lab, the sampler will verify the identity of the alleged parties and will endorse the results in a template such as the one below:

  • (SAMPLERS NAME: Gideon) certify that this is the true likeness of (Client Name: GeorgeWeb)
  • Samplers signature
  • Date

A DNA paternity test must be legal and done by an accredited lab or a medical professional. An accurate DNA test is accepted as proof of paternity by courts and can be used for immigration purposes.

Where To Perform DNA Test In Ghana

  • The Trust Specialist Hospital Kuku Hill Osu Accra
  • Korle Bu DNA Centre
  • Marie Stopes Ghana, Kokomlemle Centre
  • DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) has operations in Accra, Ghana. DDC Ghana
  • Medlab Ghana
  • Nyaho Medical Centre, Accra
  • Metropolis Healthcare Ghana Limited, Accra

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