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GES outlines do’s and don’ts for 2021 BECE school selection

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) as 2021 JHS graduates today November 29 commence the BECE school selection for computer placement has outlined some guidelines to assist them select their preferred Senor High Schools (SHSs).

The selection of schools by final year Junior High School (JHS) students who sat for the 31st edition of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) will commence Monday November 29, 2021 and end December 14, 2021

To ensure a smooth Senior High Schools selection, the Management of GES last week conducted a sensitization and public education with infographics, short videos in 9 Ghanaian Languages and flyers in various JHS across the country.

GES do’s of 2021 BECE school selection

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1. Ensure you pay close attention to ALL of your school choices

2. Ensure that the schools are in order of preference from your first priority to the least priority.

3. Ensure that your compulsory Day option is within your catchment area where you can conveniently commute.

4. Ensure that as a parent/guardian you take an active interest in your child/ward’s school choices.

5. Ensure that you consult your child/ward’s teacher to obtain a realistic the prospect of the child’s chances of gaining admission to a particular school.

6. In the case of Technical Programmes, ensure that you consult the school register to verify that the schools you select offer your desired programmes.

GES 2020 don’ts of 2021 BECE school selection process

1. Do not outsource school choices to someone without your express involvement.

2. Do not leave school choices to an internet cafe attendant in the case of self-placement.

3. Do not assume that you can choose a school as a Day Student and switch to Boarding upon admission.

4. Do not assume that you can choose a ‘less competitive’ Programme at a school and switch to a ‘more competitive’ one upon admission.

5. Do not choose schools based on where your friends are going or what programmes they want to read.

The Education Service as part of measures to ensure a hastle free school placement has encouraged parents and guardians of the 2021 JHS graduates to take a keen interest in the school selection process starting today.

Source: Educationweb.com.gh

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