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Digitise/Feed Ghana NABCO trainees to be monitored next month

The Management of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) says it will from Tuesday, October 1, 2021, send Regional Monitoring Teams (RMTs) to monitor trainees under the Digitise/Feed Ghana programme across the country.

The monitoring NABCO in a statement copied to EducationWeb.com.gh said forms part of the training of the Regional monitoring team (RMTs) on the new monitoring regime for the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) scheme.

“Under the new monitoring regime, all RGM will work collaboratively (within a zone) on tackling Module Implementation Partners (MIPs) and trainees on a module-by-module basis until October this year,” the Corps stated.

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The Management of NABCO added that “For the month of October, all trainees on Digitise/Feed Ghana should expect to be visited by the monitors for their zone. All trainees are to continue to attend to work regularly at all times.”

Digitise/Feed Ghana trainees according to the Builders Corps as their module is being monitored are to make available to monitors on request of the following documents;

  1. ID card and proof of employment on the scheme
  2. academic certificates/qualifications
  3. trainee logbook, signed timesheet with the contact of line manager for the month before their module monitoring and professional registration (licensure for Educate Ghana or a PIN/AIN for Heal Ghana trainees).

Unless the trainee has already declined or exited from the scheme, NABCO says absence or refusal of the provision of the above-mentioned documents, NABCO says can affect a trainee continuation of the programme.

All stakeholders have been urged to cooperate and avoid obstruction of the Regional Monitoring Team (RMTs) which consist of HQ staff, MIPs, RCs, DCs, RTCs and other relevant state institutions.

Source: Educationweb.com.gh


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