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6 Decor Ideas to Choose for Your Bedroom Walls

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The bedroom is a personal space that should echo your style and personality. Yet, most people focus on light fixtures, bed arrangements, and furniture at the top of the list. Hence, it is vital to think of the space in your walls and what they can offer. Thus, as you are finding mid century modern furniture for your bedroom space, think of what to do to the walls. Blank walls could be the missing piece to complete your décor. Thus, fill them in with beautiful things you love. If you are looking for inspiration for decorating your walls. Below are wall décor tips you can choose for your bedroom walls.

  1. Showcase old treasures

Old treasures are things you always want to see and remember. Therefore, if you have no place to have them on display, consider forming a beautiful vignette over your headboard space. It can be souvenirs from the beachside, delicate china plates, tarnished mirrors, and lone frames without pictures, among other things. Optionally, you can lay out your curios below the ceiling. For instance, you can hang a trio of baskets if you have them. You can find plenty of baskets to use, available in bamboo, cane, sisal, and palm leaf. Plus, they are in different ways. It can be coiled, woven, and braided in various sizes and shapes. So, from the many exciting samples, select and use them as your wall décor.

  1. Add an eye-popping artwork 
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Adding eye-popping artwork is a way to have mood-lifting embellishments to any pale boudoir that papers too quietly. Therefore, add interest and personality into a space with alluring artwork, pops of color, prints, photographs, and original art. Also, choose your bedroom colors correctly when you know the artwork you want to add. For instance, a blue bedroom can work perfectly with graphic artwork on a frame and allow it to steal the limelight. 

  1. Create a tapestry headboard

As you decorate your bedroom walls, you can decide not to have a headboard and create one with the tapestry. Turn a new fabric or carpet into a gorgeous backdrop of your bed. You can experiment with scintillating dupattas, time-worn saris, or store sourced fabrics to piece together a design. Also, create a more classic look by transforming a show-stopping rug into an exquisite tapestry. 

  1. Light up your walls 
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There are many ways to add light to your walls as a form of décor. For instance, you can add lights to backlight frosted wall panels to create a luxury space in your bedroom. Also, you can add letter boards of your choice. Today, there is numerous LED letter board design to choose from online. Thus, you can source individual letters to spell out your favorite word or phrase. No matter the lighting you prefer for your bedroom walls. It will give your room a fresh look and create a dreamy atmosphere due to the lighting. 

  1. Have statement pieces

One way to have a statement piece is by hanging statement panels. Dress your walls in painted or print panels of wallpaper or fabric. Plus, explore the many ways you can employ wall panels into your bedroom’s blank walls. Another way you can design a statement piece is through the cast-out and forgotten items stowed in unfrequented cupboards and dusty lofts. To do this, get a professional mural artist to put your cassettes, used notebooks, CDs, and paper clips to better use. Also, they can use one thing only, such as old cassettes, arrange them in a sculptural grid and create a compelling centerpiece of your wall. 

  1. Display a mural
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One of the best and easy ways to instill life into a dull bedroom wall is by displaying a mural. Also, it is a cool and cheap way to highlight one of the walls in your room. You can have your mural as a piece of art as wallpaper or painted directly on the wall. Also, you can have a professional mural designer help you achieve your dream mural with fabric or assorted tiles in complementary designs and tones to craft an outstanding mural. A head-turning mural adds life and glamour to the bedroom wall. 

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