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How To Apply And Get Airtel Tigo Cash Merchant Sim And Till Number

I will guide you through the steps to register for the AirtelTigo Money account for personal use or as an agent/merchant for business.

The use of mobile money services has increased to the sense that, most people don’t usually visit their traditional banks for transactions.

Most people pay their water bills, school fees, buy airtime, shop online, and many more with the funds on their mobile money wallet. More big companies and banks have embraced the use of mobile money services for their businesses.

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That’s why throughout this week, we are sharing with you how to register for a mobile money account.

In our previous post, we published about how to register for a Vodafone cash account, so if you’re a Vodafone subscriber and you missed that post, go back to read it and come back to this post.

About AirtelTigo Cash

In early 2017, two giants telecommunication networks in Ghana, Airtel (Bharti Airtel) and Tigo (Millicom’s Tigo) was merged to provide a dynamic and innovative brand providing a wide range of telecommunications services including mobile voice, data, mobile financial services, and business connectivity solutions.

The initiation of AirtelTigo money service has helped more businesses and companies to have a convenient flow of their payment systems.

But, since the start of mobile money services in Ghana such as the AirtelTigo, one can easily deposit and withdraw funds from the comfort of their home using their mobile phone devices.

AirtelTigo is one of the most used mobile money services in Ghana, and in today’s post, I will show you how to register for an AirtelTigo cash account for personal use or as a merchant.

Requirements Needed To Register For AirtelTigo Money In Ghana

Below are the requirements needed before you can register for the AirtelTigo money account in Ghana. It is necessary to provide the following documents for your registration.

  • A valid and registered AirtelTigo number
  • A national identification card (Voter’s ID, NHIS CARD, GHANA CARD, Traveling Passport, Driver’s Licence).
  • A Business name or organization (For Merchants or Agents)

How To Register For AirtelTigo Money Yourself

Follow the steps below to register for AirtelTigo money account:

  1. Dial *110# on your mobile phone device.
  2. Follow the on-screen instruction to provide your necessary account details.
  3. Enter a 4-digit secret PIN code
  4. Confirm your MoMo PIN (Type the same PIN again)
  5. You’re now done with your AirtelTigo Cash account.

Alternatively: How To Register For AirtelTigo Cash Account

Follow the steps outline below to register your new AirtelTigo SIM for the mobile money service:

  1. Visit any nearby AirtelTigo agent/merchant with your AirtelTigo SIM card and national identification card.
  2. Inform the agent you want to register your new AirtelTigo SIM for mobile money. 
  3. The agent will ask for your details and documents, such as the Voter’s ID card.
  4. The agent will proceed to register your new SIM for the service and…
  5. You’ll see a prompt on your phone to authenticate your registration.
  6. Confirm by typing your secret 4-digit MoMo PIN
  7. Done! Start enjoying your new AirtelTigo Money account.

How To Register For AirtelTigo Merchant SIM Card

Below are the steps to follow to register for the AirtelTigo Merchant money account. Registring for the AirtelTigo Merchant account is not stressful at all. You fill in an online form, submit it, and an AirtelTigo cash agent will contact you to confirm your application.

  • Visit HERE to fill in the AirtelTigo merchant application form.
  • Enter the name of your business or organization.
  • Put in the location of your business and the region.
  • Provide your details (email address, contact number, etc.)
  • After cross-checking your details, click on Submit to complete your application.
  • An agent will contact you and proceed with your application.
  • After the agent validates your account, you’ll receive your AirtelTigo merchant SIM and Till number.

Airtel Tigo Cash Merchant SIM Commission 

The good part of the AirtelTigo merchant SIM card is the commission you’ll get per transaction. Like other mobile money services in Ghana like MTN and Vodafone Cash, they pay merchants base on commission.

And below are how the commission is structured:
Any withdrawal between GH₵1 to GH₵ 50 attracts a charge of GH₵ 0.50. But withdrawal above GH₵ 50 receives a deduction of 1% of the money to be withdrawn.

How To Send Money On AirtelTogo Cash

  • Dial *100# on your mobile phone device.
  • From the popup menu, choose option 1 to send Send Cash.
  • Enter the 10-digit mobile number of the person you want to send the money to.
  • Enter the amount (eg. 50 or 100)
  • Confirm with your secret 4-digit AirtelTigo MoMo PIN.
  • Done! 


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