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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Woman Slaps An Alleged Pickpocket Who Tried To Steal From Her (Watch Video).

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The intensity and power with which the woman delivered the slaps to the pickpocket’s wretched slimy cheeks in the burning heat demonstrates how difficult the system is for every Ghanaian.

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It was a bad day for this unfortunate bag vendor, who was suspected of attempting to take the bag of a poor trader and was immediately abused.

The crowd’s rage was so intense that the cops had to intervene to save the poor man from being lynched or beaten to death.

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As the pickpocket tried to hide from the crazy slaps and punches falling from nowhere and landing on his face, those who could inflict some slaps and jostle did well to partake.

For him, it was a moment of thunder and brimstone. Before things got worse, the cops had to remove him away from the woman and other agitators.

Watch Video here.

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