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Scientists In Switzerland Grows Chocolate In The Laboratory.

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Scientists in Switzerland have developed a method to grow chocolate in the laboratory.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the chocolate which is grown in the lab has the texture of a traditionally produced chocolate.

The only difference is, the lab grown Swiss chocolate has a more fruitier taste than than traditionally produced one.

The method starts with scientists growing cell cultures from cocoa beans. The cultures are then mixed with a nutrient solution and they begin to multiply.

The scientist then harvest, dry and roast the biomass. Cocoa butter, sugar and an emulsifier called lethicin is added.

A dark 70%-strength chocolate is produced at the end of the process.

The World Economic Forum believes the discovery can help solve the deforestation and child labour associated with mass cocoa production to feed the growing chocolate market.

Source: Trayonlinegh.com

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