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Discover why Breakfast is important

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Have you ever wondered why breakfast is termed as the most important meal of the day? As the body sleeps for hours, no food is consumed in that long period. As such the body needs to be replenished right when it wakes up. Skipping breakfast means continuous hunger from the previous night which is not good for the body. Imagine going 8 hours or more without food because you were so busy performing an activity and then when you took a break from that activity, you ate some food. You will realize an energy boost which will replenish you to continue to do more work. If you had done the opposite, you may feel drained and tired and may not be able to focus on activates you had to do. This is why it is so important to eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast has many benefits for the body to do work and stay healthy. 

Many studies and researches have proven the importance of eating breakfast. It improves energy levels and makes you more active and attentive says an article by better health Australia. Eating breakfast also helps control weight by keeping you filled so you don’t just eat anything. I once tried an experiment on myself and this is the outcome.

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I am someone who hardly eats and especially breakfast. I was warned several times to desist from such action. I could starve for as long as 3pm without food. And I ate only when I felt extremely hungry. I realized that anytime I would feel really hungry, I would grab whatever was close enough and eat it. This wasn’t a good practice obviously. First because I was starving myself which wasn’t good for my system and secondly, I was eating all kinds of food all in the name of hunger therefore my food intake wasn’t structured. I was also not drinking enough water as I should have. This led to poor health condition and I even ended up having stomach ulcer because of my eating habits. A lot of these health issues could have been solved if I took the time to ensure that I had at least eaten in the morning before taking on the activities of the day. I would usually find  myself fatigued and stressed throughout the day and my energy levels were generally low. I did not attribute much of it to not eating breakfast till I made up my mind to be more intentional with food. 

Once I started taking breakfast at regular intervals, I noticed a lot of changes in my body. I realized I felt more attentive as against feeling sluggish and unable to focus on things when I didn’t eat properly. I also didn’t feel the need to eat throughout the day much since I was filled up most of the time. This is great in managing weight. I also realized my mental capacity greatly improved as I was more attentive and I could focus on tasks given me. Health-wise there have been various studies of people who skip breakfast being at the risk of certain diseases. Once I started eating breakfast I felt more at ease and my stomach issues greatly improved. 

One o the best things I learned from my experiment was that breakfast helps one make better food choices. I found I was more careful and cautious about what I ate and I had my meals planned out so I don’t waste time deciding what I will eat the next day which can lead to skipping breakfast. It also presented me with better eating habits as I refrained from eating snacks and unhealthy foods out of hunger. I didn’t always follow this rule as there are times where I may be too busy to eat breakfast. On such days I supplemented it with fruits and water so that I can have something in my system and still eat healthily. So the next time you ask yourself, what is the Enerst of eating breakfast? Think about all the above-mentioned and make the right choice. Eating breakfast is good for your health. 

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Source: Georgeweb.org/Bibiana Gyasi

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