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What really happened to Misty Loman? [ Full details on Misty Loman here]

Misty Loman is a woman who went viral for her meth addiction. Her mugshots are well-known for demonstrating the long-term impacts of meth.

The story of Misty Loman

Dating back to 2019, a Wisconsin Sheriff identified as Adam Bieber shared disturbing images of an arrested woman who developed a meth addiction. The idea behind his actions was to discourage the public from using the recreational drug, Methamphetamine. Misty Loman became a viral figure and many people were interested.

Apparently, she was arrested many times over the years. Adam Bieber shared a series of mugshots of Misty Loman. Netizens obviously assumed drugs were the cause of her appearance. There has been a few suggested medical reasons behind her looks.

What happened to Misty Loman after?

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Her drug abuse took a turn for the worse. Depression and other physical, emotional and phycological conditions forced her to abuse drugs even more. In an interview observed by, Misty stated that “I had no intentions. I was gonna get high until I died”.

Things got very bad for her as she was willing to depart in a horrific way. Misty Loman is still alive. She actually joined the Christian family and sort help following pleas of her family and people around her.

In WBKO’s 2020 article on ‘Prayers really work’ Misty Loman states facts about her progress after joining Lesa Brooks and the Sisters in a Sobriety program.

“If you are struggling and you see no way out and your mind, body, and spirit is broken, just ask God. Prayers really work they really do. I’m living proof of it,” said Loman.

See the latest progress photo that was shared on the internet below.

Misty Loman after
Misty Loman. Photo: @christopherfferry
Source: Facebook


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