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How to Obtain an Official Bank Statement for a Visa Application in Ghana

An official bank is purposed for official documentation such as VISA applications. This is not the same as the Interim bank statement which displays your transactions made with a bank.

Embassies require an official bank statement when applying for a VISA to travel to their countries. This is done to check if you have the financial means to travel, you have enough money to spend and not to work illegally which results in not contributing to their economy.

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Do I need a special bank to obtain an official bank statement? 

Every bank is eligible to state you as an account holder. Statements issued by banks come with a cost and will vary from every financial institution.

Do I need to visit the bank to obtain an official bank statement?

For convenience, most banks with internet portals have made it easy for their customers to easily access their bank statements on any internet-enabled device without visiting the banking hall.

To be eligible to access a bank statement via the internet, you need to sign up as Online Banking Customer.

You can Log in after registering as an online banking customer. Navigate to the bank statement section on the website. Review your statement and download it in a PDF.

However, in situations where online service is unavailable for your bank, you can visit the banking hall and request specifically an official bank statement for your VISA application.

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