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Marilyn Milian’s youngest daughter, Sofia Elena Schlesinger

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Sofia Elena Schlesinger is the daughter of Marilyn Milian and her husband John Schlesinger. Sofia’s mother, Marilyn Milian is an American television personality, lecturer, and retired Florida Circuit Court judge who presides over the American courtroom television series The People’s Court.

Now lets dive into some interesting facts about Sofia Elena Schlesinger.

Sofia is of of the three sisters of the famed Latina judge, Marilyn’s daughters. Her other sisters are Cristina Schlesinger born in 1996, Alexandra Schlesinger born in 1998.

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Sofia is the youngest of all Marilyn Milian’s children as she was born in 2001. All three sisters have maintained a very lose relationship. They like to sing together sometimes.

Alexandra who is into music featured Marilyn’s youngest daughter Sofia Elena and her other sister christina in a music showdown on her youtube channel a few years ago.

Watch the video below.

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