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Yolandi Visser Net Worth: Age, Bio, Height, & Career

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Let’s talk about “Die Antwoord” Yolandi Visser net worth and how she started her career. Yolandi is one of the South African hip-hop artists who have gained much attention in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Yolandi Visser?

Yolandi Visser is well recognised as a South African rapper, singer, and actress. She is famous for her popular band “Die Antwoord”, which represents a hip-hop group and comprises Ninja and Yolandi-Visser.

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The band was established in 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa, and it is still active to this date. She is very versatile in her career in songwriting and acting. In this article, we will talk about Yolandi and how she has become so famous today.

Her Profile

Date Of BirthDecember 1, 1984
Age36 (Will turn 37 on December 2021)
Height1.56 m
ProfessionSouth African rapper, singer,
songwriter, actress and music video director

Yolandi Visser Early Life And Biography

Yolandi-Visser was born on December 1, 1984, in East Cape, South Africa. Her father’s name is Ben Du Toit, and not much is known about her mother. Yolandi was interested in music at a very young age.

She attended school in the city of Pretoria. She met her childhood boyfriend in the school, who was into music and inspired Yolandi to pursue a career in music. Неr bоуfrіеnd mаkеѕ nеw kіnd оf muѕіс bу rесоrdіng hеr mеlоdіоuѕ vоісе іntо ѕwееt muѕісаl trасkѕ.

Her Career

Yolandi-Visser started her music career with the music band “The Constructs Corporation.” She later worked for another music group, “MaxNormal.Tv,” and has served as a personal assistant.

She came into the limelight when she started her professional music band with her friend Ninja, which they tag the name “Die Antwoord.”

The group released their debut studio album “$O$” in 2009 and had more success with their second album, “Ten$ion,” in 2012. Their third album, “Donker Mag”, in 2014 and their fourth album, “Mount Ninji” and da Nice Time Kid 2016, both had a lot of success and reached #1 on the US Dance charts.

As an actress, she starred in the film Chappie as Yo-Landi in 2015. She has also been associated with Aphex Twin, Marilyn Manson, Diplo, Flea, Dita Von Teese, and Jack Black.

What Is Yolandi Visser Net Worth?

As of 2021, Yolandi-Visser net worth stands at $12 million. She has garnered a considerable fan base on social media because of her extreme style of hip-hop music.

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