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Samia Hassan Suluhu: Net Worth, Biography, Career and Personal Life.

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Samia Hassan Suluhu is one of the few people to contribute to the ever dynamic development of the history of the African continent. She is the first female President of Tanzania and also in any East African country. 

The details of her life are as follows;

Samia Hassan Suluhu Net Worth 

Samia Hassan Suluhu’s net worth is probably still under review due to her recent appointment as the President of Tanzania. She is definitely a millionaire though. 

Samia Hassan Suluhu Biography

Samia Hassan Suluhu was born in Makunduchi in Sultanate of Zanzibar. Samia Hassan Suluhu was born in January, 1960 and is therefore 61 years old currently. 

Samia Hassan Suluhu is a Tanzanian.

Samia Hassan Suluhu Career

Samia Hassan Suluhu is a popular politician whose is currently serving as the President of the Republic of Tanzania after the unfortunate death of former and late President of The Republic, John Magufuli. She is the main representative of the Social Democrat party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi(CCM).

Samia Hassan Suluhu Personal Life 

Samia Hassan Suluhu has been married to retired Agricultural Officer, Hafidh Ameirin, since 1978 and have four children together. 

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