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Dhar Mann Net Worth: Age, Height, & Facts

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Dhar Mann is one of the highest-paid YouTubers as of today. He s an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and content creator. His videos are centred on inspiration and uplifting. Dhar Mann has managed to garner millions of subscribers on YouTube and several social media hangouts.

Apart from YouTube, Dhar Mann is the owner of a cosmetics company by the name LiveGlam which he started with a capital of $600 in creating wealth to 8 figures in annual revenue in less than 2 years. He also runs Dhar Mann Studios, which he professes to be the fastest growing social media content creator.


NameDhar Mann
Date Of BirthMay 29, 1984
Age37 (As of 2021)
Height In Feet‘6’0
ProfessionYouTuber & Entrepreneur

Early Life And Education

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Dhar Mann was born on May 29, 1984, in California, the United States, and is the son of Surinder Sing (father) and Baljit Singh (mother). Dhar Mann is an American nationality holder and is of Indian descent.

His father, Surinder Sing, owed a Taxi company, so Dhar Mann caught the bud to be an entrepreneur at a very young age.

In 2015, one reputable publication reported that the Singh family owed an extensive portfolio of real estate in Oakland. Mann grew up in a single room apartment, which he shared with three other family members.

Dhar Mann was excellent in academics. He has shown commendable achievement in his academics throughout his life. Dhar Mann has studied economics and political science at the University of California.


Although his parents were rich, they focused mostly on building their company rather than giving Mann much time. According to Mann, his parents gave him some amount of money to try his hands on things.

So, at the age of nineteen, he entered into real estate business. Because he didn’t learn much about real estate investment, he failed and tried different business ideas, even car rentals and mortgage refinancing, but all of them flopped.

Later in 2011, Dhar Mann gained tremendous notoriety after his film titled Marijuana Gold Rush was published on several AV streaming platforms. In December 2015, Mann started his cosmetics company LiveGlam.

According to Mann, he started this company with $600, and in the next two years, he managed to earn 6 figures of $20 million. Mann also runs the Dhar Mann Studios in addition to his cosmetics company.

Above all, Mann has gained this remarkable popularity around the globe through his YouTube channel, where he composed one of the most unique, motivational, and inspiring videos. All of these videos help the viewers in their personal and professional life.

And as of today, Dhar Mann is highly recognised for his inspiring, motivational, and educated YouTube videos. He has managed to accumulate more than 13.2 million subscribers on YouTube with billions of video views.

5 Interesting Facts About Dhar Mann

  1. Dhar Mann creates and shares motivational content on YouTube and many other social media platforms.
  2. Dhar Mann portrayed real-life stories through his videos and taught essential life lessons.
  3. Dhar Mann owns a video production company and aims to provide positive content to change many people’s lives
  4. He is a pet lover.
  5. He is a married man.

What Is Dhar Mann Net Worth?

According to a recent report on Market Watch, Dhar Mann net worth is estimated to be around $250 million. The entrepreneur, YouTuber, has been running multiple other businesses. His videos are said to have a great impact on changing the lives of many people.

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