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Ama Qamata: Net Worth, Biography, Career and Personal Life.

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Amamkele Lithemba Qamata, known popularly as Ama Qamata, broke into the movie industry with her role in SABC1’s My Perfect Family comedy series at a young age of 17 years.

Ama Qamata Net Worth 

Amamkele Lithemba Qamata has an estimated net worth range between $70k and $100k.

Her actual net earnings details are still quite obscure though.

Ama Qamata Biography 

Amamkele Lithemba Qamata was born in Cala in Eastern Cape. Ama Qamata was born on September, 1998 and is therefore 23 years old now. She is a South African.

Ama Qamata Career

Amamkele Lithemba Qamata is a young and upcoming actress. She is well known for her roles in movies and series such as My Perfect Family, Blood and Water, Rhythm City and Gomora.

She has received a couple of award nominations for her efforts thus far. 

Ama Qamata Personal Life

Ama Qamata is from Cape Town in South Africa where she was born and then moved to Johannesburg. She recently dropped out of the University of Cape Town where she was pursuing a Theatre and Performance degree.

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