11 thoughts on “WAEC Ghana offices, location and telephone numbers

  1. Good evening pls I have registered for the 2020 NOVDEC exam but as at now my I have not receive my centre and when I checked to the feedback I got is invalid DOB, index and invoice but I have got my index number. Pls help me because I learnt the exam will start on Monday

    1. Hello Magdalene, It is unclear what has caused the issue this time but WAEC recommends you call them for immediate support

  2. Good morning..please I have registered for2020 NovDec exams but as at now I have not received my index number and my center …I don’t even know the invoice.. please what should I do

  3. Pls I f Waec have not released the center’s mean the exam is not going on how can candidates write without center’s.

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