4 thoughts on “So who should work to pay teachers when schools close? – NAPO

  1. So if the school is the correct place for the student to be isolate,then why are then the recording cases over there?

    The Government should the arrangements for the online studies and the exams should be alos conduct on online.

  2. Mr Opoku prempeh are u trying to tell we the citizens of this country dat because of some selfish interest of some teachers our children should contract the virus or they should die?so for instance if every student was to be infected while some are dying and no body was to be in the Sch,who will they teach and how will you pay them?plz don’t let some selfishness of some teachers make u loose the life of our future generations oo,i think we should continue with the online studies so u pay them and those teachers who don’t agree should look for part time jobs for it to give them money,for the future lies in we the youth

  3. Napo has never been serious at all, if we are to talk of the worse minister of Education the country have ever had, then you should look for no one else than him. He would be a threat to our educational sector because he has no base contribution to our educational progress. Napo should know that the teaching profession is a passion oriented but not a financially motivated job. Teachers can equally do the work of a Dentist with huge salary but because of passion motivated got in to the teaching profession with small salary which can’t be even used on only feeding of the family. Teachers in the 19th &20th centuries have been doing doing part time jobs , so there is no need for his advice. Lives of future leaders is our ultimate concern but not money as you people are salvaging like logs in an abondened forest.

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