7 thoughts on “NAPO hints why postings of 2017, 2018 & 2019 CoE graduates might be out 2021

  1. Hmmm. This Napo guy is just taking things light when in reality things are cumbersome, 7th December is at the corner, you better act fast or …! If you know you Know

  2. Napo.who validates the teaching staff who are currently on the field? Have your forgotten that they are still taking their salaries.Hmmm remodels for the nation let us echo sense into this incredible, incompetent’supper corrupt government ever and super liars gvt.

  3. But the newly trained teachers were able to fill their nss forms by their supervisors besides the form 2’s are still in school so why this delay and excuses?Napo is playing with our hearts but God is still our provider.

  4. Less us be honour to what the minister says because if we did not accept ,what else could we do nothing .Because even if he is living to us but is true schools are not resume due to covid 19 and for that matter there must be validation before our particulars will get to appear on payroll and what are the heads to validates this,so less wait for 2021 and see what is going to happen on that time

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