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  1. Hello am Leticia Aku Amenyikor .
    I wrote a resist on mathematics and English in 2019 but my results were not in.
    During the examination my name was not on the sign papers that other people were siging but I took part in the exam which the supervisors took my printed registration form added it to my exams paper which was put in a different envelope. Then ask me to go that all is well but my friends results came only mine was not in. So I visited ministry of education here in cape coast and was told that mine was regarded as IRREGULAR.
    In fact I was totally down when such information reached me. I wanted my money back but the question is from WHO and HOW do I get it back.
    I have paid for it. I got a code to register which I did So my BIG Question is
    Why was my name not on the sign papers?.
    What happens to me with regards to this Situation.?

    Please I need answers. thank you

  2. Hello, a friend bought a voucher from the bank, but unfortunately he could not register, I bought it from him registered and sat for license examination, at mampong September,2019 with exam identification number GTLE/MTC/0703/19B and index number 1101016140049 ucc CODE, but could not access my results , wrong I’d,or phone number or email always display, please how do I get my certificate?

  3. Please I made a payment of GHS200 for processing my license, this was done through my own mono account on the teachers portal. The payment was made, but it has not reflected on my profile that I have paid. I been asked to still make payment again.

  4. Hello pls I want to print my certificate but there is a mistake with my Gender instead of female it appeared there as male . I have tried updating my bio data but the change is not taking effect so what should I do

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