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#NSMQ2021 Ashanti Regional Championship

The NSMQ2021 in the Ashante Region has been tagged with a wonderful name trending on all social media Platforms “THE BATTLE OF KINGS AND QUEENS”.

In the Ashanti Region, the regional qualifiers for NSMQ2021 began 22nd of May and will end 1st June. Change of date may be due to COVID-19 Restriction Protocols.
In Ashanti Region, 20 schools booked their place in the NSMQ2021 National Championship, 5 contests competing against each other.

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Looking at the road to the Finals, a lot of hopes has turned down, expectations and high roar morals from fans all ending in tears.

Breakdown from the 20 schools now left with 16 schools, 4 contests to depict the best 4 schools who will finally contest against each other to be crowned the Ashanti Regional NSMQ2021 Champions.

Is it going to be the Opoku Ware Chant Imanus?

Which school is going to be this year’s Ashanti Hope for the National Championship?

Leave your comments in the session below

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