NaSIA to conduct Teacher Absenteeism study

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The National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSIA), formerly the National Inspectorate Board (NIB), says it conducting a Teacher Absenteeism study across the country on the cause of Teacher Absenteeism in schools.

The study aims at exploring the types of official duties teachers attend during school hours and whether there are measures in place to ensure a teacher’s absence is not greatly felt by learners.

At the end of the study, NaSIA seeks to provide data, based on which the Ministry and the Ghana Education Service (GES) can formulate and implement interventions to minimize the rate of Teacher Absenteeism.

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According to NaSIA, it believes Teacher Absenteeism study will translate into an increase in Ghana’s human capital index.

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  1. Look at you
    A teacher’s enemy is the same teacher… instead of fighting for the course of teachers, you are rather planning to kill us…. have you ever crossed a river in a dangerous canoe before going to school.?¿?? Please don’t start


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