NaCCA Begins Reviewing the JHS1 to SHS1 Curriculum

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NaCCA has begun reviewing the JHS1 to the SHS1 curriculum. On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, the Executive Secretary of NaCCA, Dr. Prince Hamid Armah opened the curriculum review workshop at the Blue Royal Hotel at Larteh.

In his opening remarks, he said the review will focus on the common core program. The draft revised curriculum will be piloted in the classroom before it is finalized by February 2020.

He added that to be able to review the curriculum effectively all the subject panels should understand the existing one and identify its gaps.

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This according to Dr. Armah will enable them to align the revised curriculum to the existing standards-based curriculum introduced in all KG to B6 schools across the country in September 2019.

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At the end of the 5-day workshop, the various subject panels will develop the first draft of the curriculum which will comprise strands, sub-strands, scope, sequence and content standards for each grade level.

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