MoE sandwich course programmes and study centres

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The Education Ministry has partnered GNAT, UCC and Institute of Education to run 3-Semester Bachelor of Education (Post-Diploma in Basic Education) Programmes in the sandwich mode starting in the first semester of 2021.

This new programmes according to the Ministry will enable teachers with Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) to be upgraded to a Bachelor’s degree.

Applicants are required to click on this link and fill the online form indicating the programme of their choice and the Study Centre, in line with their elective subject areas.

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The Education Ministry in a statement shared with said it will in due course communicate Admission letters, school fees, and re-opening arrangements to the general public and whom it may concern.

The programmes are:
1. B.ED. (Post-Diploma) in Early Childhood Education
2. B.ED. (Post-Diploma) in Primary Education
3. B.ED. (Post-Diploma) in Junior High School (JHS) Education

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Programmes and Study Centres

SNProgrammes for Early Childhood Study Centres
AEarly Childhood Education1. SDA CoE, Asokore Koforidua
2. St. Teresa’s CoE, Ho
3. St. Louis CoE, Kumasi
Programmes for JHS onlyStudy Centres
BTechnical Skills
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Visual Arts
1. Mampong Technical CoE, Mampong
2. Komenda CoE, Komenda
3. Akatsi CoE, Akatsi
4. Bagabaga CoE, Tamale
CFrench Language
English Language
Social Studies
Religious and Moral Education
Physical Education
Ghanaian Language
1. Mount Mary CoE, Somanya
2. Wesley CoE, Kumasi
3. Bagabaga CoE, Tamale
Agricultural Science
Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Visual Arts
1. Foso CoE, Assin Foso
2. St. Francis CoE, Hohoe
3. Wesley CoE, Kumasi
4. St. John Bosco, Navrongo
EHome Economics1. Tamale CoE, Tamale
2. Presbyterian CoE (PCE), Akropong Akwapim
3. Wiawso CoE, Wiawso
Programmes for primary & JHSStudy centres
FPerforming Arts (Music & Dance)
Religious and Moral Education
Social Studies
Physical Education
English Language
Ghanaian Language
Visual Arts
1. Akrokerri CoE, Akrokerri
2. Kibi CoE, Kibi
3. Tamale CoE, Tamale
4. Berekum CoE, Berekum
5. Presbyterian CoE (PCE), Akropong Akwapim
6. OLA CoE, Cape Coat

According to the Ministry of Education (MoE) these are only study centres in the category (F) that currently offer performing Arts (Music and Dance).

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1. Applicants who are visually impaired or have hearing difficulty can select only Presbyterian College of Education as their Study Centre.
2. Fees will include Tuition, Residential Accommodation and Feeding.


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  1. please am solomon takyi . i have received message to pay for the sandwich fees at GCB EAGLEPAY but i have not received my reference number


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