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How to request English proficiency from UENR

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Following the announcement of the University of Energy and Natural Resources’ new Transcript and Certificates Collection Platform for current and former students.

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Students can request a copy of English proficiency from UENR at the comfort of their homes.

A UENR Students who wish to request Academic Services must do the following

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1. Fill the Academic Services Online Form

2. Pay the required fees to Zenith Account Number 6011 708 994

How to request English proficiency from UENR in 4 easy Ways

To get your transcript from University of Energy and Natural Resources. (UENR), you will have to go through the following processes: 

  1. Visit the UENR Transcripts and Certification Collection portal
  2. Fill out the form online form. The content of the form includes the following;
    1. Your name
    1. ii. Programme you studied
    1. iii. Year you started
    1. iv. Year you completed
    1. v. Whether the transcript should be posted to a particular school or you will collect it by yourself
    1. vi. The number of copies you would want
    1. Indicate English Proficiency request
  1. Click Submit after filling in the required information
  2. Students must come along with One (1) passport-size photograph at the point of collection if the requested document is going to an organization.
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Source: Georgeweb.org

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