GNAT calls for ‘one laptop, modem per teacher’ policy

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A member of the teacher union, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has urged the central government to equip each teacher with at least one laptop and a modem to enhance their teaching skills.

The President of GNAT, Madam Philipa Larson speaking in an interview with UniversNews said Ghanaian teachers over the decade has been doing a lot on their own thus providing each teacher with “One Laptop and Modem” will serve as a motivation amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

“As educationists and practitioners, we have done a lot to support education. We have done a lot for ourselves but this time we are asking the communities, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, and the government to come in to support us with one laptop per teacher, one modem per teacher to support all the things we have done and that will be enough motivation for all teachers here in Ghana,” she said.

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Madam Philipa Larson also commended teachers for their enormous work in the wake of the locally transmitted coronavirus during school reopening.

Madam said despite the closure of schools some teachers have used the opportunity to gathered pupils and are taking them through education, a move she said will academically improve students performance.

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The President also advised parents and guardians to encouraged their wards to join the television, radio and other forms of e-learning lessons.

Commenting on the October 5, 2020 school reopening for second year students of Junior and Senior High Schools, she entreated the teaching staff to continue with the adherence of the necessary COVID-19 safety protocols.

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“While observing the GNAT week right from now, let’s continue to observe the national protocols on COVID-19 so that we can stay safe and healthy” Philip Larson cautioned as stated by UniversNews


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