32 thoughts on “GES releases 2nd batch of 2017-2019 CoE graduates postings

  1. Please I have bought an e-voucher for posting and it was invalid and I have to buy another one before it could work but I was not posted. Please can you kindly refund my money to cause I don’t have any penny with me again?

  2. Please Some of as are not posted the 2018 batch please when are they going to release the postings will there be second batch because we have all the requirements

  3. Why is GES doing playing or trying to do pick and act with our lives. I completed since,2017 with all the basic and requisite requirements.Now, the government through the minister of education promised to post us but to our greatest surprise those of us who completed in ,2017 and 2018 if we check waiting to see our postings the sad news that would greets us is sorry you have not been posted. If this is deliberate to cause us suffer in cool tears then, they would suffer it on the 7th Dec,2020 before we begin our journey in equal measure.In fact, is a promise! they should therefore post us before the close of today before it becomes too late but if they become alcoholic power drunk they would surely become intoxicated.

    1. Please GES why would you do this to us ? I met all the requirements but I’m not been posted why? In fact if the batch did not release quickly then you will hear of suicidal. In fact we are sick and tired of this frustration

  4. Can all Ghanaian children pass through public colleges?No, but why is government treating the rest of us from accredited colleges with everything it takes to be a teacher like we not even Ghanaians after talking student loan how do we pay . We’re appealing to the government to put smile on our faces please hmmm

    1. Please is late already and you said you going to release the second batch before December 7 .. so what time should we be expecting it

  5. Please it’s almost late when are they going to release the second batch .. because you said you will release it before December 7

  6. Please when will university graduate teachers also be recruited? It seems everything here is college of education graduate.

  7. What have we done to deserve this? They like deceiving us. When I heard that they will release the second batch of the posting before 7th December I said it is impossible because I knew that they would never go to work on weekends, how therefore are they going to release the posting?

  8. Please DG of education should look into this: post are everywhere in our platforms for reposting costing Gh c 1000 and some Ghc 1500. Meanwhile some of us have not been posted. They want to post people to their choice areas after which they will now throw us anywhere they like, where?

  9. Please some of us are not posted in the second batch to. Please are worried release the posting for all graduates

  10. Please any ideal for not posting Jackson College of Education student. Since 2017- 2019 batches are still at home waiting for their posting. Please is the school not qualify for posting?

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