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The List of Category C Schools In Upper East Region

In this article, Georgeweb.org will highlight all the Category C Schools In Upper East Region

According to the Ghana Education Service report, there are around 721 public senior high schools in Ghana that are classed as A, B, or C. According to the report, several public technical and vocational second cycle schools in the country are currently classified as Category A, B, and C among public secondary schools.

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Academic performance at Wassce, school’s infrastructure and achievement, and many other factors when it comes to grading a school as a Category-A school.

Every parent wants the best for their children and therefore when it comes to education there is no doubt of choosing the best school for their ward.

Find out the full list of Category C Schools In Upper East Region

Awe SHTS.MixedD/B
Bawku SHTS.MixedD/B
Binduri Comm. Senior HighMixedDay
Bolga Sherigu Comm. SHSMixedDay
Bongo Senior HighMixedD/B
Chiana Senior HighMixedD/B
Fumbisi Senior HighMixedD/B
Gambigo Comm. Day SHSMixedDay
Garu Comm. Day SHSMixedDay
Gowrie SHTS.MixedD/B
Kanjaga Comm. Senior HighMixedDay
Kongo Senior HighMixedD/B
Kusanaba Senior HighMixedD/B
Mirigu Community Day SHSMixedDay
Nabango Senior High SchoolMixedDay
O.L.L. Girls Senior HighGirlsD/B
Paga Senior HighMixedDay
Sandema Senior HighMixedD/B
Sandema SHTS.MixedD/B
Sirigu Senior HighMixedD/B
St. John’s Integrated SHTSMixedD/B
Tempane Senior HighMixedD/B
Zamse SHTSMixedD/B
Zorkor Senior HighMixedD/B
Zuarungu Senior HighMixedD/B


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