37 thoughts on “Here’s what to do if not satisfied with your 2020 BECE result

  1. Please I’m not satisfied with my result, how can I go by it and besides, I don’t know any Waec office. Please can’t I do it online

  2. Am not satisfied with de result i got because i was expecting a better grade . Waec why are you doing this to us . For me i need remarking because i need a better grade now do something about it plssssssss am on my knees😭😢😭😭😭

  3. Hello, Your office needs to review the 2020 ICT results. I believe something went wrong especially with ICT marking. Very bad, we should not tanish the credibility of some instructors like myself.
    Thank you

  4. Good day , waec it is not fair at all to hurt innocent chicken in this way I’m typing this in tears right now ,some of us spen all day and all night learning , seriously missing sleep missing meals,at our age ,just to get the grades we are looking for ,we write and we are confident in ourselves WHY do you have to bring us false grades WHYYYYYYY I’m asking Whyyyy ,some of us have really strict parents ,do you know what we go through ,why do you do this to us for your own gain ,why demand justice ,we can’t take this anymore PLEASSEEEEEEEE we beg you ,we beg you ,please 🙏😭

  5. Good evening WAEC pls I Will like to know the total percentage waec mark the BECE exams over 100 and still insisting the price per paper

  6. WAEC whyyyyyy whyyyy,after we have spend most of our time learning about 9 subject seriously look at the false result we are getting ,this BECE something should be seriously done with it.

  7. Oh why eh. Waec why I’m so disappointed by my results and I don’t think I deserve this. Above all my midnight learning hm. I even think I wasted my time. I know what I got is not all tooooooo bad but I deserve a single grade. Now I feel like commiting suicide . if I die is waec’s fault because my learning can’t be in vain. I need remarking seriously because now I think I’ll become psychologically sick due to over thinking and self regret. I even think I was better off not alive.😒😒

  8. Pls I really don’t comprehend to the aggregate I had . I was very delighted going to check my result because I knew that I answered the questions vividly without and obstacle but unfortunately had I shocky and undesired aggregate . Pls may I know the procedures in seeking for remarking ?? Pls I’m inwardly weeping and know not what to do

  9. Pls l really don’t comprehend to the aggregate I had . I was very delighted going to check my results because I knew I answered the questions vividly without and hindrance . I was totally confused seeing the grades I had and asked the cafe owner to rescan again . However the same results were given . Pls and pls again , I know I do not deserve the grade at allllllll and I need procedures to follow in order to seek for remarking

  10. Noooooooo!!!!!!please,this is not my provisional result for BECE 2020.See the grade I got,is very poor.An intelligent boy like me.Remark my papers Mr.&Mrs examiner.Do something for me immediately.Thank you for your acceptance.

  11. Incredible waec result.Have you exchange my paper to somebody.Noo!!! I need a remarking immediately.Examiner,please kindly check my papers and read through within 24 hours.I think this result is fake.Please do something for me.Thank you.

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