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Accept E-Voting or forfeit your election; Takoradi Technical University management imposes on students?

On Wednesday 28th July, 2021, the Takoradi Technical University management represented by the Pro- Vice Chancellor, Dean of Students, Director of IT and a Council member met all candidates in the SRC election to decide which voting system to be used for the election.
At the commencement of the meeting, the Pro- Vice Chancellor having seen that the candidate were not in support of Electronic- Voting made it clear to them that the purpose of the meeting was not for the candidates to decide whether to choose Manual or Electronic Voting but rather, to inform them that E-Voting system was what management has agreed on and sought to seek for collective ideas on how to better the system.

This came in as a surprise to the candidates because they had met the Electoral Commission earlier on Sunday 25th July, 2021 and resolved to do a Manual Voting. The decision of management therefore came in as an imposition which was against the will of candidates and/or students.

Covid-19 was the main reason that motivated Management to impose E-Voting on the students, however, it is worthy to note that even amidst this same Covid-19 students went to class for lectures and are currently writing exams in the classroom.
One would ask why management did not organize lectures and exams online.

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It is worthy to note that the last time an election was organized online in Takoradi Technical University, there were several electoral disputes and mistrust in the system unlike the Manual Voting system but it appears that once Management has decided, students do not have a say which is undemocratic.

Among other issues, voting secrecy is not assured with the Electronic Voting system aand the system does not also allow for recounting in times of doubt.

The candidates opined that, if Ghana with over 17million registered voters was able to hold elections Manually then institution with just about 16thousand students population cannot ride behind Covid-19 to impose Electronic Voting on students.

Will management meet the students or still proceed to impose their decision on them ?


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