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KNUST’s Stephen Boakye Frimpong Builds A Home Security System

A product of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Stephen Boakye Frimpong, has created a Home Security System to curb burglary cases.

Stephen Boakye Frimpong who is the CEO of Tech Device Hub Limited said that he was motivated to build such a security system to fit into the Ghanaian environment and make it easier for homes to be safe from burglary. This, he said, will come a long way to curb the increasing cases of robbery in our homes.

He explained how the system he built works. He said “most people have CCTV cameras in their homes, but then, there was this article I was reading of some guy whose house had been looted, he has CCTV footage of those people but up till now the people have not been found. So we decided to come up with the system that when people are in action, when they open your door or when they enter your house it detects them so that you can see them in action. And it also scares them away with an alarm. So this one, aside from you seeing them in action, it also prompts people around with an alarm to scare them away.”

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“The smart security system is designed to check your doors and windows as well as your house. What it does is, it is designed to detect intruders. It has its way of detecting intruders and it can detect inmates or people in the house with a card so when someone enters your house or someone opens your door, it checks whether the person stays in the house.

So if it does not see any card then it identifies that person as an intruder, hence, it reports it to you wherever you are on your phone via call or SMS as well as sounding or triggering a very loud alarm which is 120 decibels to inform people around that there is an intruder in your house,” he added.

He went on to entreat shops to patronize them as it is going to be very beneficial to them.

“Come to talk of shops in Kejetia, Adum, Makola and households and then all places and facilities that need security, come to talk of factories to improve security. It is also intended to be used especially outside Ghana because one of the big problems it is solving is being able to report to you.”


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