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Top 10 Most Useless University Degrees In The World

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Are you considering pursuing a degree in an accredited university and are wondering which university degree to major in? Or maybe you have already enrolled in any degree programs, and you’re not sure how your degree will be worth it in the years to come.

This article will talk about some of the most useless university degrees in the world today and what to do. The increase in Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems is replacing human services, which means many degrees and human qualifications will be replaced by robots.

Most Useless University Degrees In The World

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Most of the programs we pursue at the university and their degrees will be utterly useless in the coming years. Read on to grasp what I’m talking about in this article.

1. Fashion Design

A Bachelor in Fashion Design is a three-year or four-year undergraduate degree that gives students solid training in the latest fashion industry evolving. The degree also offers resources in entrepreneurship and professional product development.

Having a degree in fashion design is fantastic, but it is one of the most useless university degrees in the world. The reason is that jobs requiring a fashion design degree are decreasing, and the competition is getting fierce, and you may need excellent connections to get in the door.

However, if you’re passionate about fashion design, and you want to pursue this career, you have to work harder and improve several skills like visual arts, graphic design, or have a piece of general design knowledge.

Holding a fashion design degree will be useless in the next 10 years to come. Because no one will be asking for your degree but how creative and versatile you are. Even today, we have stylish design services like Stitch Fix, which uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to measure your perfect outfit, design it, and ship it to your doorstep.

2. Anthropology and Archaeology

Anthropology is the study of humanity and its cultures, while archaeology studies human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains.

Those who graduate with a degree in anthropology and archaeology may hope to spend time on a historical excavation site or at least in a museum studying the findings.

An Anthropology and Archaeology degree is best for those who prefer to travel the world and love history or study this degree programme for personal benefit.

However, if you want a degree that will let you climb the corporate ladder, then this type of degree won’t help you. How many companies today have you seen hiring for Anthropologist or Archaeologist?

Unfortunately, there’s a reason the only archaeologists you know are fictional – in the real world, they are too few and far between. And this makes it one of the most useless university degrees in the world.

3. Journalism Degree

You are shocked to see Journalism on the list of most useless university degrees in the world. A journalism degree provides you with a range of core journalistic skills, including researching, investigating, interviewing, reporting and writing, in addition to technical skills such as video, editing, shorthand, audio, content management and web design.

Why is Journalism among the useless university degrees? At first, having a journalism degree was admired by society and media houses, but the world of technology is taking up the jobs of a journalist.

The internet has changed news habits, even those of the most loyal print subscribers. Instead of opening the pages of a newspaper or magazine, readers now click from one article to the next. People are now familiar with click buttons rather than turning newspaper pages.

With social media and blogging platforms, people are also significantly invading the jobs of journalists. On the other hand, news organizations have started using machine learning algorithms to write their stories. And one of them is Forbes magazine who uses an AI tool called Berties to write its contents.

4. Music

Music degrees are a massive waste of time and money unless you want to become a music teacher. You can learn almost everything in the real world and become a better musician. Read the life stories and career paths of successful musicians, and you will see how they made it in the music industry.

Music degrees are among the most useless university degrees in the world in the sense that getting a job in this field is rare unless you’re talented and you may manage to land a career as a prestigious conductor, professional musician, or community band director.

The majority of music majors are seen leading worship at church. So why go for a degree that will cost you a considerable amount of money and in the end, getting a job becomes a headache.

5. Theater Arts

A Bachelor in Theatre Studies is a degree program for aspiring actors and directors. This course generally includes training in directing, stage management and production, dramaturgy, design technology, playwriting and acting.

A degree in theatre arts is also one of the most useless university degrees in the world. The reason is that you don’t need a degree to become an actor or a singer, think about that.

Although many actors have taken that career path, many also haven’t. The thing is, to become a professional actor is not taught at school. It is your talent and consistent practising.

However, if you think acting is your passion, then enrol in auditions and if you’re interested in on-stage production, try getting a first job behind the scene.

6. Law Degree

Before I even say that obtaining a law degree will be useless in the next 10 years, watch this video about the first robot lawyer and judge what I’m trying to say.

DoNotPay utilizes artificial intelligence to help consumers fight against large corporations and solve problems like beating parking tickets, appealing bank fees, and suing. DoNotPay’s goal is to level the playing field and make legal information and self-help accessible to everyone.”

The robot is now doing a lawyer’s job online, and imagine what will happen in the next 10 years to come. Obtaining a law degree is highly reputable. I respect that. But the problem is the law schools are still generating 20th-century lawyers instead of 21st-century lawyers. Thanks or no thanks, some legal works can now be done by machines or AI software online.

7. Travel And tourism

Although travel and tourism may seem appealing and enjoyable when pursuing. Travel and tourism graduates learn about products, structures, and operations within the tourism industry, tour operators, airlines, hotels, and tourist boards.

However, most students graduate with a travel and tourism degree and are unsure of their next move after graduation. Pursuing a degree in travel and tourism is a lucrative idea, but job opportunities are somehow limited.

It is one of the most useless university degrees in the world. Many students have become Instagram influencers or professional YouTubers without the help of their high earned travel and tourism degrees.

8. Marketing Degrees

Marketing degree this time is now considered the most useless university degree in the world. When I say marketing, I’m talking about traditional marketing. Traditional marketing refers to brand promotion on offline channels that were around before the rise of the internet. An example is billboards, flyers and radio spots.

Nowadays, companies are now looking for digital marketing professionals instead of traditional marketers. Companies now consider the knowledge of digital marketing and analytic tools and strategies over academic qualifications in marketing. A marketing degree is one of the most useless university degrees in the world unless you improve your marketing skills to embrace the digital era.

9. Religious Studies

A degree in religious studies prepares students to understand the implications of faith. Students focus on global theology in better understanding others and the diversity between different religions.

A degree in religious studies is also one of the most useless university degrees in the world. I’m not saying pursuing this career path is inconvenient, no. Religious studies may be suitable for your soul, but your wallet won’t appreciate it after graduation.

The job opportunities available for a degree in Religious studies is limited. After all, most big pastors and televangelist we know them today don’t have a degree in religious studies.

10. Gender Studies

Lastly, one of the useless university degrees in the world that will make you lazy is gender studies. Believe it or not, this type of degree doesn’t train you for any particular career path.

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