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Senior High Technical Schools in Ahafo Region and their Specific Codes and Elective Subjects 2020

This article studies the various Secondary and Technical Senior High Schools in the Ahafo Region with their various specific elective subjects of study as well as their CODEs and Gender.

This article is meant to help prosp[ective Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) CANDIDATES students who want to know the background of the Technical and Vocational Schools in the region before proceeding to sell; etc them during the Computerised   School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) school selection time.

The list of schools below refers to schools in the region as of 2020 and shall be updated as and when there are additions.

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About the Ahafo Region

A referendum on 27 December 2018approved the creation of the Ahafo Region. Out of a total of 307,108 registered votes, 277.663 took part in the referendum with 276,763 (99.68 per cent) voting in favour of the creation of the new region. 675 (0.24 per cent) rejected the motion and 225 rejected ballots represented 0.08% of the total votes cast.

The region was created on the 13th of February 2019 by Constitutional Instrument 114.

Goaso was announced as the capital of the new region.

Senior High Technical Schools in Ahafo Region

The schools are listed below;

  1. Ahafoman Senior High/Technical School has its school code as 0061302 and has a Mixed Gender. The Specific Elective Subjects offered in the school include; Applied Electricity, Building Const. and Woodwork.
  2. Boakye Tromo Senior High/Technical School has its school code as 0060206 and has a  Mixed Gender.  The specific Elective Subjects offered in the school include; Woodwork, Building ConstructionMetalwork, Auto Mechanics and Applied Electricity.
  3. Gyamfi Kumanini Senior High/Technical School has its code as .0061204 and has a Mixed Gender.  The specific Elective Subjects offered in the school include; Auto Mechanics, Woodwork, Building Constriction and Applied Electricity.

Source: Educationghana.org


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